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Best emerging markets investment trusts

I tried to do some reseerch about recommended emerging markets investment trusts for 2017. Here are the good articles I found about this subject:

Four top emerging-market investment trusts

To check performance of Global Emerging Markets Investment Trusts go here:

Best emerging market trusts tool

The consensus is the good emerging markets investment trusts are quite expensive.

For this reason in my portfolion I am holding the following:

iShares Emerging Markets Equity Index

It has the following region weightings as at July 31, 2017:

  1. China 26.37%
  2. Taiwan 14.58%
  3. India 12.42%
  4. Brazil 8.73%
  5. South Africa 8.70%
  6. Mexico 4.73%
  7. Russia 4.01%
  8. Thailand 3.49%
  9. Malaysia 3.33%
  10. Others 13.64%



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