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Can you make money by investing in Binary Options?

Bull vs bear option tournament

It all depends. Statistically 90% of traders lose their money. If you practice and develop good trading pattern and psychological habits yes, you probably can. But like with most things in life you have to be passionate about it and learn your way to succeed. We try to help you with this ….

Ok, but where to start?

Here are the first steps to success.

  1. You need to gain a good knowledge. We help you with that. Please check:
  2. Then practise your strategies of Binary Option on demo accounts. Many brokers offer free demo accounts but you have to make a small deposit or register.
  3. We do not encourage to use auto-trading systems.
  4. Remember to open real accounts with licensed Brokers only. It is strongly advised to avoid scam brokers. There are hundreds of binary options brokers on the Internet and this is why it is essential that you read our binary options broker reviews.

How to choose a good and honest broker of binary options?

  1. Make sure the chosen broker has a license valid in your country of residence.
  2. Choose what features are the most important for you. Next step is to compare brokers.
  3. Try to deposit a small amount. After few investments try to withdraw money using your preferred method. This is to make sure if there are no issues with identification which is required for money withdrawal.

Shortlisted Top Brokers

OFFICIAL WEBSITESMinimum DepositMinimum InvestmentStrong features (benefits):
IQ Option Official Page
Official Website
IQoption Review

General Risk Warning: The financial services advertised on this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.
$10$1The features you can like are:

* fun to use, beautiful desktop and mobile application
* a lot of deposit and withdrawal options for residents of Asia, South America and Africa.
* unique trading tournaments (depending where you live)

This platform is very good for risky traders (who would like to use leverage), high-speed traders.

Some features you may find important are:

  • high fixed payouts in case of successful trade
  • speed of money withdrawal
  • support in your language
  • trading hours during weekends
  • number of assets
  • security of your funds
  • minimum deposit
  • minimum transaction amount
  • mobile platform
  • access to free demo

Binary Options – what it is?

When buying a binary option the potential return it offers is certain and known before the purchase is made. Binary options can be bought on virtually any financial product and can be bought in both directions of trade either by buying a “Call”/“Up” option or a “Put”/“Down” option. Binary options are offered against a fixed expiry time. In finance, a binary option is a type of option in which the payoff can take only two possible outcomes, either some fixed monetary amount of some asset or nothing at all.

Please remember that some products like (Binary and Digital Options) are prohibited in certain jurisdictions. General Risk Warning: The financial products offered by the company carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.

Check more Binary Option brokers reviews.

Recommended Investment Trusts


Here is a list of recommended by Which Investment investment trusts:

Our Buy List

You may also have a look at cheapest trackerts and ETF’s here.

Infrastructure Funds for Income

Investing for Infrastructure Income

Most investors would like to have a high reliable income with no such a big exposure to risk.

Interesting proposition for infrastructure income is:

HICL Infrastructure Company – official website
HICL Infrastructure Company (HICL) – Morningstar

It seems to be very popular as it trades at nearly 10% premium to NAV. At the point of writing the dividend is decent 4.8%. This fund has ongoing charge of 1.26% (2017).

HICL investment trust invests in a wide range of infrastructure projects: hospitals, home office accommodation, high-speed rail, schools.

According to HICL official website “it is is a long-term equity investor in infrastructure, working with public sector clients to deliver high-quality projects which support the community and provide essential public services.

Personally I have 2 other infrastructure trusts in my portfoilo:


UTILICO EMERGING MARKETS LIMITED – (official website, Morningstar)

“UTILICO investment objective is to provide long-term total return through a flexible investment policy that permits it to make investments predominantly in infrastructure, utility and related sectors, mainly in emerging markets.”


Best emerging markets investment trusts

Geisha - Emerging Markets Trust

I tried to do some reseerch about recommended emerging markets investment trusts for 2017. Here are the good articles I found about this subject:

Four top emerging-market investment trusts

To check performance of Global Emerging Markets Investment Trusts go here:

Best emerging market trusts tool

The consensus is the good emerging markets investment trusts are quite expensive.

For this reason in my portfolion I am holding the following:

iShares Emerging Markets Equity Index

It has the following region weightings as at July 31, 2017:

  1. China 26.37%
  2. Taiwan 14.58%
  3. India 12.42%
  4. Brazil 8.73%
  5. South Africa 8.70%
  6. Mexico 4.73%
  7. Russia 4.01%
  8. Thailand 3.49%
  9. Malaysia 3.33%
  10. Others 13.64%



Compare your salary to famous footballers

Compare salary to famous football players

Would you like to compare your salary to famous footballers like Ronaldo, Messi or top managers like Real Madrid’s Zinedine Zidane.

Compare your salary to famous players

On this BBC comparison you could check how your salary comper i.e: to Ronaldo:

Compare salary to Ronaldo


Cheap trackers and ETF’s for your portfolio

cheap trackers and etf's

Recently I was looking for a good article with tips for decent, cheap index trackers.

The list is as follow:

The UK’s best low cost index trackers

UK large cap equity

  • iShares UK Equity Index Fund D (GB00B7C44X99) OCF 0.06%

UK mid cap equity

  • Vanguard FTSE 250 ETF (VMID) OCF 0.1%

World equity

  • L&G Global 100 Index Trust I (GB00B0CNH056) OCF 0.14%

World value equity

  • Vanguard Global Value Factor ETF (VVAL) OCF 0.22%

International ex-UK equity

  • L&G International Index Trust I (GB00B2Q6HW61) OCF 0.13%

Emerging markets equity (domiciled in UK)

  • Fidelity Index Emerging Markets Fund W (GB00BLT1YT76) OCF 0.23%
  • iShares Emerging Markets Equity Index Fund D (GB00B84DY642) OCF 0.24%

Please check the current charges as it may changed from the time I wrote this article.

If you would like to find out about alternatives to the ones above please have a look at the following article:

Low cost index trackers that will save you money

Should I cash my Final Salary Pension

Cash or not to cash final salary pension

My wife has a final salary pension. The conditions on offer started getting worse around the financial crisis. Her salary level to work as a basis for final salasry calculation was capped and now stands for about half of her current salary. I started investigating if it’s worth for her to opt out of final salary pension and transfer to personal SIPP.

She received a valuation which seems to be around 21 times her guaranteed income. Still not sure what to do, I will definitely speak to professional financial adviser and update this article.

But as you found this article and would like to find out a little bit more here are the “final salary transfer calculator” and a few good articles I found on the subject:

Final Salary Transfer Calculatror.

Find out if the Final Salary Pension transfer offered is a good value.

Final Salary Pension cash out articles:

Unbiased – Leave or remain in final salary pension
The Telegraph – Why now is the time to cash in your final salary pension
Money.co.uk – What if I have final salary pension

The pros and cons of transferring your final salary pension

Pros of opting out:
  • you can have greater control of your pension fund
  • if you have no spouse, you may have no need for some of the benefits
  • you can pass on money to your heirs via a transfer
  • you might have more than one final salary scheme and only want to transfer one fund
  • you can get your hands on a large lump sum
Cons of opting out:
  • you’d be giving up a guaranteed, predetermined income for the rest of your life
  • with a final salary scheme, you don’t have to use investments to generate retirement income
  • final salary pensions are index-linked, meaning they rise with inflation
  • final salary schemes usually provide better retirement income than you could secure by other means
  • it’s tough to know whether the ‘cash equivalent transfer value’ (CETV) you get represents a good deal or not (please see a pension calculator above for estimation)

Pros and Cons source: Money.co.uk

Please note this article is not a financial advise. Pension decision is one of the most important in your life and you should seek professional advise on this subject.


Interesting video about 3 rules to determine your success


Short summary:

Rules of successful people. Follow them and most likely you will be reach:

  1. When you learn something try to implement it immidietely.
  2. Try to deal with uncertainty by making very quick decissions and do not be overwhelmed by it.
  3. Do not waste time, make it precious, cut waste and do only things which bring you closer to your goal.

My personal conclusion about this rules:

I see the value of these advices. As with most good advices it seems obvious at first and makes sense but it’s very difficult to implement. All 3 of them are related to time, so something very precious. If you are not succesful a lot of you can sacrifice a valuable family time for work. For future good. But to make an extra million if you already have one? It’s more difficult and it probably more depends of the personal circumstances. It’s easier to justify if your work is kind of your hobby and you just can’t get it enough.

For me quality, family time, family holidays are the most precious moments in the life. I work long hours but main reason is to make money is to buy quality family time and some time for my time consuming hobby.

These 3 rules are difficult to implement. They only sound easy. It makes a huge difference and I can see it may determine if somebody is successful or not.



Macbook Pro 2016 – is it good for video editing?


Maybe I start from the comment of one user owning a maxed out Macbook Pro 2016. I really liked it. He would have spent the $4000 he shelled out for this machine for a Mac Pro if Apple would offer a new one. But he can’t wait forever. He thinks it’s the best looking laptop ever made.

It’s like the girlfriend who is not good for you but you stay together because she is so hot.

The video before is one of the one I enjoyed the most and I think it’s not biased. And I watched a lot of them.

Am I going to upgrade to new Macbook Pro 15′ max. specs (as usual)?

It’s a bit confusing to decide if it’s a wise purchase. If you are like me and use a laptop to do basically everything, you want a workhorse. I have dozen tabs open, then graphic soft, Final Cut, Ableton so I am worried that 16GB may impact the performance. I see sometimes that my currenct Macbook Pro 15′ (late 2013 speced out) struggle at times when I have many software open. I think if I have to spend £4000 for a laptop I do not want any compromises. At this moment there are compromises. I would spend that much for: 32GB and slightly longer battery. Maybe it’s worth to wait for Kaby Lake Macbook Pro and see if the touchbar is really useful. I had monies saved for that one, waited a bit, quite excited. Now I think that my current Laptop struggle sometimes but is still ok for what I am doing so I really can’t justify buying new Macbook Pro. Not yet.

If you are Adobe user your decision is a little bit easier.

Accordingly to the Video: If you are Adobe user do not wait. You better switch look at powerful Windows maschine. These Windows maschines perform better. If you use Final Cut Pro and other Adobe alternatives this is a good choice.

Microsoft Studio Reviews – pros and cons


Microsoft step up to the professionals creatives game with the new state of the art desktop.

Below are the reviews so far. Find out what the professionals thinks about it:

Mobile Tech Review first:

Fist review is from Lisa whos been at the Microsoft place to hava a little bit of play with the Microsoft Studio. She thinks that the base model is not a very good investment as it may be a little bit underpowered for some professionals and not future proof. You shlould look at the upgraded versions instead. What I noticed from the video is a very glossy screen. Beautiful to look at but if you work next to the window …hmm then I wonder about fingerprints which may be a little bit distraction for some.


Binary Option Robot – software not recommended


Please note: We cannot recommend this (and similar) products anymore. Please stay away from all autotrading software. In our opinion you just lose money in the longer term. If you really want to use one please do REAL tests on virtual money. Please also be aware that the software may behave differently with real data (have a look at commissions, spreads) when comparing test data to real data.

Today I would like to present a new reincarnation of ‘one day’ most popular auto trading robot. It was called Binary Option Robot. After arguments between investors the robot was down. Now the robot is reborn again. I have not tested it as I do not use autotrading software for trading. I know that it’s highly popular so decided to feature it. If you used this robot please post your comments.

Firstly it is very simple to open a free account and start auto trading.

Step 1 – Account Opening

Just fill in your name last name and email address, choose your preferred password your phone number confirm you are not a robot and you are done!

New Binary Option Robot - Step 1 - Account OpeningJust don’t forget to accept terms and conditions before you continue you will also receive a confirmation mail from our binary options robot team that will provide short guide on how to continue.

Step 2 – Promotional offer for Binary Option Robot

At this next step there is a promotion offer waiting for you
You can use it with binary options broker. Broker login details are the same as for binary options robot you just opened.

New Binary Option Robot - Step 1 - Promotional Offer

Step 3

On your brokers account choose a deposit amount of your choice and then your payment details and click deposit.

New Binary Option Robot - Step 1 - Deposit

Step 4 – Setup of Binary Option Robot

Your broker balance is now connected with robot and it will appear on your portfolio within a moment here you can access your multiple brokers account and create different strategies for each broker when the active trading is on.

It means that you are ready to trade and if you want to make a deposit all you have to do is hit the deposit button and a broker page will open.

When you click on settings you will have a lot of trade options and assets you wish to trade.

New Binary Option Robot - Step 4 - Setup

With here is not to choose your trading options for example a daily stop loss of 100 dollars maximum daily trades of 80.

Click the assets you wish to trade with choose trading amount you wish to invest with.

You are also welcome to receive VIP membership with additional VIP which features allow you to adjust the risk level choose between four trading strategies and decide your epiry trading time. After you make a deposit with a broker of your choice feel free to contact our helpful customer support that will activate your VIP membership status.

When you begin trading you can follow your results by clicking on a history tab.

According to the authors:

Binary options robot offers the most customizable binary auto trading in the world. ou are able to adjust your settings according to your needs. Just sit back relax and enjoy making profits with binary options robot.

Again, I am not advising to use any robots for trading Binary Optiions. I believe in experience, learning and manual execution for this market.

Unfortunately I can’t see any demo for this Binary Option Robot.

If you are into autotrading I would definitely check also IQ Option Robot – new AutoTrading Software.

Trading possibilities on iphone 6s and 6s plus and ipad pro.

Trading on ipad pro

Trading possibilities on iphone 6s and 6s plus and ipad pro.

Newest iphones has arrived. They are available in the following countries now: Canada, Australia, France, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Germany, New Zeland, Singapore, Puerto Rico, US and UK.

The feature I like the most about new iphone is live photos option. It is excellent way to capture family memories.

But the most interesting feature for traders is “force touch”.  The software companies and brokers can use it in multiple ways. This can be amazing way to enhance speed of trading. I believe that it’s a matter of time when it can be utilized.

What does this mean for traders? Could you share your opinion? Any ideas?

Trading on ipad pro.

The other good news to traders is ipad. Just imagine what the new bigger surface means. And finally there is professional keyboard. It takes ipad to another level. It’s not a laptop yet but it is a very convenient tool to use. With the native applications it can be a very productive and efficient trading tool.

Trading on ipad pro