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Recommended Investment Trusts

Here is a list of recommended by Which Investment investment trusts: https://whichinvestmenttrust.com/trusts-we-like/ You may also have a look at cheapest trackerts and ETF's here.

Infrastructure Funds for Income

Most investors would like to have a high reliable income with no such a big exposure to risk. Interesting proposition for infrastructure income is: HICL Infrastructure Company - official website HICL Infrastructure Company (HICL) - Morningstar It seems to be very popular as it trades at nearly 10%...

Best emerging markets investment trusts

I tried to do some reseerch about recommended emerging markets investment trusts for 2017. Here are the good articles I found about this subject: http://moneyweek.com/four-top-emerging-market-investment-trusts/ To check performance of Global Emerging Markets Investment Trusts go here: Best emerging market trusts tool The consensus is the good emerging markets...

Compare your salary to famous footballers

Would you like to compare your salary to famous footballers like Ronaldo, Messi or top managers like Real Madrid's Zinedine Zidane. Compare your salary to famous players On this BBC comparison you could check how your salary comper i.e: to Ronaldo:  

Cheap trackers and ETF’s for your portfolio

Recently I was looking for a good article with tips for decent, cheap index trackers. The list is as follow: The UK’s best low cost index trackers UK large cap equity iShares UK Equity Index Fund D (GB00B7C44X99) OCF 0.06% UK mid cap equity Vanguard FTSE 250 ETF (VMID) OCF 0.1% World equity ...

Should I cash my Final Salary Pension

My wife has a final salary pension. The conditions on offer started getting worse around the financial crisis. Her salary level to work as a basis for final salasry calculation was capped and now stands for about half of her current salary. I started...