Short summary:

Rules of successful people. Follow them and most likely you will be reach:

  1. When you learn something try to implement it immidietely.
  2. Try to deal with uncertainty by making very quick decissions and do not be overwhelmed by it.
  3. Do not waste time, make it precious, cut waste and do only things which bring you closer to your goal.

My personal conclusion about this rules:

I see the value of these advices. As with most good advices it seems obvious at first and makes sense but it’s very difficult to implement. All 3 of them are related to time, so something very precious. If you are not succesful a lot of you can sacrifice a valuable family time for work. For future good. But to make an extra million if you already have one? It’s more difficult and it probably more depends of the personal circumstances. It’s easier to justify if your work is kind of your hobby and you just can’t get it enough.

For me quality, family time, family holidays are the most precious moments in the life. I work long hours but main reason is to make money is to buy quality family time and some time for my time consuming hobby.

These 3 rules are difficult to implement. They only sound easy. It makes a huge difference and I can see it may determine if somebody is successful or not.




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