Maybe I start from the comment of one user owning a maxed out Macbook Pro 2016. I really liked it. He would have spent the $4000 he shelled out for this machine for a Mac Pro if Apple would offer a new one. But he can’t wait forever. He thinks it’s the best-looking laptop ever made.

It’s like the girlfriend who is not good for you but you stay together because she is so hot.

The video before is one of the ones I enjoyed the most and I think it’s not biased. And I watched a lot of them.

Am I going to upgrade to a new Macbook Pro 15′ max. specs (as usual)?

It’s a bit confusing to decide if it’s a wise purchase. If you are like me and use a laptop to do basically everything, you want a workhorse. I have a dozen tabs open, then graphic soft, Final Cut, and Ableton so I am worried that 16GB may impact the performance. I see sometimes that my current Macbook Pro 15′ (late 2013 spaced out) struggle at times when I have many software open. I think if I have to spend £4000 on a laptop I do not want any compromises. At this moment there are compromises. I would spend that much for 32GB and slightly longer battery. Maybe it’s worth waiting for Kaby Lake Macbook Pro and seeing if the touchbar is really useful. I had monies saved for that one, waited a bit, quite excited. Now I think that my current Laptop struggle sometimes but is still ok for what I am doing so I really can’t justify buying new Macbook Pro. Not yet.

If you are an Adobe user your decision is a little bit easier.

Accordingly to the Video: If you are an Adobe user do not wait. You better switch and look at a powerful Windows machine. These Windows machines perform better. If you use Final Cut Pro and other Adobe alternatives this is a good choice.