Recommended Affiliate Marketing Tools For Online Marketers

Here are some of the most useful Affiliate Marketing Tools for online marketers. These tools track the number of visitors to your affiliate site and allow you to perform all sorts of dimensional operations such as split testing and link tracking. You can even measure conversions, and get real insights into how your users engage with your website. Listed below are a few of our favorite tools. Hopefully you can find one that works for you! Keep reading to learn more about them!


The Canva affiliate program is a great option for people who love design and are willing to promote other products and services. This free program offers marketing tools, assets, and live chat support. It also has an active support team, and you can expect help around the clock. The CJ Network, also known as Commission Junction, has been in business for over 20 years and has partnered with GoPro, Walgreens, Trip Advisor, Disney, and Sears. This network offers over 2,500 products and services.

If you’re looking for a high-quality, free graphic design tool to promote a product or service, Canva can help. To become a Canva affiliate, simply apply for a program and wait 48 to 72 hours for approval. Once approved, you’ll receive an email confirmation and instructions for navigating your account. If you don’t have a large enough audience to make the program worthwhile, consider reapplying once your site meets the required conditions.

You can use Canva’s ad banners to promote Canva’s products and services. You can earn up to $36 per referral when someone makes a purchase using a link that you’ve provided. In addition, you can earn a one-time commission if your audience purchases the Canva Pro subscription. The accepted rate for this program is 52% and has a cookie duration of 30 days.

If you’re interested in creating a beautiful graphic design, Canva is a great tool for that purpose. The website was created in 2012 by Melanie Perkins, an Australian, and currently boasts over 18 million users worldwide. In addition to being free, Canva can be shared across many platforms, so the platform has the potential to reach a lot of new people. And as an affiliate, you can make use of this tool for free and earn from it.


As one of the most popular affiliate marketing tools, ClickMagick helps you track visitors’ clicks, ads, and conversions. You can set up a funnel, track your sales, and view your progress over time. You can opt for a 14-day free trial of ClickMagick or choose from the Starter or Standard plans. All these plans range from $37 to $197 per month.

Apart from tracking and reporting, ClickMagick also provides many advanced tools to make your affiliate marketing campaign more effective. For instance, it can help you automate split testing, postback building, and dynamic affiliate links. ClickMagick has a great link tracker that filters and blocks annoying bots from interfering with your marketing efforts. Apart from these features, ClickMagick supports Facebook and Google analytics.

Its built-in features allow you to create scarcity and increase your conversion rates. The software comes with a visual editor that helps you design your popups. Moreover, you can embed media or sound to your popup. Another useful feature is the notification bar that shows up at the bottom of your webpage until you close it. Using ClickMagick for your affiliate marketing campaign will help you to improve your revenue.

With its daily payout option, ClickMagick also pays out your commissions every day using PayPal mass-pay. The software also accounts for refunds within fourteen days after the commissions are made. You can use ClickMagick as your affiliate marketing tool if you have a decent amount of traffic. You can start with the Standard plan and pay out two customers at a time. If you plan to sell a product, ClickMagick is the best choice.


If you’re looking for an affiliate program that makes money, consider Unbounce. Its affiliate program is easy to join, and it has a dedicated coach that helps you market the product and grow your business. You can even use Unbounce’s templates to build your own popups. Your popups can target based on the user’s time on the page, referral URL, cookie, location, or many other factors. And once you’ve mastered the software’s interface, you can choose from a variety of designs.

Affiliates can earn recurring commissions through Unbounce’s affiliate program. However, your success with the program will depend on your ability to attract followers and video views on social media. Unbounce’s affiliate program is easy to join, and you can earn a good side income by promoting it on your website. Once you have mastered Unbounce, you’ll be happy you joined the program. If you want to know more about its affiliate program, read on!

Unbounce provides 50+ free templates for creating a landing page. All of these templates are mobile-friendly and look great no matter what device someone is using to view it. Plus, they’re stripped of extra HTML and JavaScript so they load 10x faster than normal. Plus, Unbounce’s landing pages get preferential treatment on Google’s mobile search. You can even use the Unbounce landing page to drive traffic to your website.

As one of the most versatile affiliate marketing tools, Unbounce is a great choice for novices and experienced marketers alike. Its customizable templates allow you to build landing pages with the exact content that appeals to a specific audience. You can even use Dynamic Text Replacements to match keywords from your ads to your landing pages. Its free professional-grade images and scripts make it easy to customize your landing pages.


ShareASale is a network of over four thousand merchants. You can promote anything with a link to the merchant’s website, and if someone buys that product through your referral, you will receive a commission for each sale. ShareASale is free to join, but you must have a website or have an email associated with a domain to get started. Once you sign up, you can customize your dashboard with marketing tools and statistics.

To begin selling through ShareASale, you will need to sign up as an affiliate. In order to get started, you must apply and be approved by merchants. If you haven’t signed up for ShareASale yet, you can apply for membership today by visiting the website. You will need to wait for approval, but this typically takes two to three days. Once you have completed the application, you will be able to make your first sales.

The dynamic dashboard of ShareASale is highly customizable, so you can monitor your affiliates’ success or failure. It also allows you to customize your marketing emails and create rules for automated emails. Having a dynamic dashboard will give you more information than ever about your affiliates. And you can set up a schedule to run reports and custom commissions, and coupon codes. Once you sign up, you’ll be on your way to successful affiliate marketing.

If you’re looking for an easy way to increase your online exposure, ShareASale is the best choice. Its enterprise-ready, self-service and agency-managed affiliate program offers merchants the chance to manage their own affiliate program. This means you can control your affiliates’ performance, set up commission levels, and manage payouts. ShareASale can be used by any type of website.


ClickBank is a platform where you can find products to sell as an affiliate. You can use ad budget to promote a product and earn a commission every time someone clicks through to your website. ClickBank allows you to promote any product by adding your referral link to the product’s order page. In addition, you will earn a commission only if that link is clicked and results in a sale. Be careful, however, not to promote a negative or fraudulent product.

ClickBank Affiliate Marketplace – This platform is like an online pavilion. You can search for your desired product from a wide variety of niches and categories. Once you have chosen your offer, you’ll need a HopLink to promote it. This link tracks referral traffic and conversions. ClickBank’s system ensures that affiliates are paid fairly. ClickBank pays its affiliates consistently. ClickBank also provides support for both the vendor and the affiliate, including back office tools. To start making money, simply visit the ClickBank Affiliate Marketplace and start searching for offers.

Another tool that is recommended by many is the CH Pro Toolkit. This toolkit is designed to make affiliate marketing a breeze. ClickBank has many features, including customizable commission settings. You can use the tools to make money in a short period of time. Using these tools is a great way to increase your sales and earn commissions. You can earn up to 50% commissions if your product sells at a certain price, which can be huge!

Another Clickbank course you should consider is Commission Hero Pro by Robby Blanchard. This course teaches you how to generate thousands of dollars a day through Clickbank. This course costs $2,500, but the training includes everything you need to start earning money with Clickbank. The cost of Commission Hero Pro includes Robby’s software and advertising copy tools, images, and systems. You can start earning money within a week by following Robby’s proven techniques.