Cheap US Stock trading costs for European residents compared.

According to Interactive Brokers:

Zero Commission Isn’t the Same as Free

Interactive Brokers

It seems that Interactive Brokers clients receive significant savings vs. other brokers. Please have a look at the fees comparison table below (courtesy of Interactive Brokers). Please compare it by yourself as it was prepared by Interactive Brokers.

  Total Trade Cost2 Advertised Rates3
Broker 50 shares
US Stock
FX Conversion
Interactive Brokers €2.23 €2.40 €3.02 €0.00314 €1.764
Degiro €5.50 €13.00 €25.50 05 0.25%5
Flatex €12.90 €23.40 €40.90 €5.906 0.35%6
eToro €10.00 €25.00 €50.00 0 0.50%7
Fineco €17.41 €26.41 €41.41 €11.418 0.30%8
InvestoPro €18.00 €27.00 €42.00 €12.009 0.30%9
Renta4 €23.22 €28.22 €43.22 €13.2210 0.30%10
ING Diba €29.80 €44.80 €69.80 €19.8011 0.25%11
Saxo €26.17 €56.17 €106.17 €6.1712 1.00%12

Source: Interactive Broker Newsletter

[1] DISCLAIMER: Comparison to other providers is based on our understanding of their published rates for trading US shares available on their websites as of 13 December 2021. Some providers offer multi-currency
accounts which were not considered in the comparison. We assumed account-based currency is EUR. The comparison is shown for illustrative purposes only. For confirmation of the most up to date competitor rates on different account types and product information, you should visit their websites.
[2] “Total cost” considers execution commission and fx conversion costs charged by the providers. In the case of IBKR, and some other providers where readily disclosed, we have additionally included regulatory, clearing and exchange fees that are passed through to the client on a transactional basis.
[3] For comparison purposes, we have converted “Advertised Rates” to EUR and spread charges in pips to %. The EUR/USD FX rate we used in the comparison table is 1.135.
[4] IBKR Pro, tiered stock commissions of $0.0035 per share + exchange, regulatory and clearing fees. IBKR FX commissions are 0.02%, with a minimum of $2.00. Full rate card is available by visiting IBKR Commissions.
[5] Degiro fees effective Dec 20, 2021, €0.50 per trade handling fee. Assumed that the trade is placed via Auto FX Trader (additional €10.00 applies for foreign currency conversion via a manual trade).
[6] €5.90 commission for USA/Canadian orders. Flatex adds a charge of $0.004 on the exchange rate for buying and selling USD stock from a main EUR account.
[7] Lower rates might be available to Diamond, Platinum and Platinum + members at eToro.
[8] Fineco fee varies with conditions attached. Assuming conditions for lower rates are not met, fee is $ 12,95 per order. FX conversion cost: spread of 0.0033.
[9] InvestoPro’s standard offer rate is 12€. Intesa Sanpaolo’s clients benefit from a reduced rate.
[10] Renta4’s commissions are tiered. Rate used is 15$ (for trade volume up to $ 30,000). Standard Account FX conversion costs is 0.3%, minimum 10€. Custody and maintenance fees are excluded from the calculation.
[11] ING Diba’s commission is basic fee of € 4.90 + 0.25% of the order market value. The basic fee is charged once per order – a maximum of 69.90€. FX conversion fee is 0.25%. ING Diba charges a EUR 14.90 fee for trades on foreign trading venue (exchange).
[12] Saxo Classic Account commission of USD 0.02 per share, min USD 7.00 per order.

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