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IQ Option: demo account review and features

IQOption demo account is recommended way to try forex & stocks trading on mobile devices. The free practice account looks amazing on PC also. Traders in some countries can also register to free tournaments with real prizes. You learn but there is also a real reward:-)

The broker based its trading platform on its proprietary solution. This has both advantages and disadvantages. By registering for a demo account, we have access to the proprietary IQ Option platform, which looks very modern and is very functional at the same time. It just encourages you to click and trade :-). People like the look of the IQ Option platform much more than the more popular MetaTrader.

IQOption demo account

It is highly advised to use a demo account before investing real money. IQ Option demo account is totally free. You can also use it with your Facebook and Google+ for login. You will be given virtual funds of $10,000 to practice.

List of assets you can trade on the practice account:

  • Currency options
  • Forex
  • Raw Materials
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Shares
  • ETFs
  • CFD
  • Digital options (available to professional clients in certain jurisdictions)
  • Binary Options (available to professional clients in certain jurisdictions)

Info from the official IQ Option website regarding Demo Trading Account

Once you have registered your binary options free demo account, iqoption would recommend watching their video tutorials. These are a great way to familiarize yourself with trading. The tutorial also explains the process in a step by step guide, like:

  • trading methods and patterns worth familiarizing yourself with,
  • how to use the trading platform.

Video with some basic information about IQ Option demo account:

After you have watched these, you will be a step closer to starting trading.

IQ Option practice account is designed to let you experience trading without taking any financial risks in the process. Especially with binary options trading where the risk is high. It is set up exactly the same as a live account. You have access to all features. All the markets are real markets being updated with real-time information. The same information is available to real traders. This is designed to give you the most authentic trading experience possible.

Customization of demo trading platform.

1-iqoption settings in demo account

You can customize a demo account like a real account to your liking.

When you decide to upgrade the demo account to the real one all the settings and customizations will be moved as well.

The IQ Option demo trading platform has plenty of settings. A lot of settings you can change to your taste. You can select the functions that are ideal for your trading style. By tailoring the user interface, you can get the most out of the platform. And, maybe, even enhance your trading results.

This is not a tab of possibilities to pick, but a list of beneficial shortcuts that you can make use of throughout trading. When remembered, shortcuts can make navigation within the application quickly and more user-friendly.

It is possible to resize the user interface, which is an extremely helpful function when trading on mobile devices with specific measurements.

The Privacy tab enables you to secure and hide your private information from other traders. Here you can get a custom nickname to personalize the platform (in rankings, in chats and so on) and hide/show your trades to other traders.

Why you should open and try a free practice account?

Practice makes perfect, and trading is the only way to learn. IQOption knows it takes time to master something. They would prefer you had all the practice you required. So make use of this platform trading simulator until you feel confident. When it comes to trading for real you may be ready.

Unlike some of its competitors, IQ Option does not require a deposit when setting up your demo trading account. IQoption seems to be committed to providing a transparent trading environment for all users.

IQOption demo account is really good stuff you should try. Only if you are interested in trading.

Test your investing strategy first. Remember that most traders lose money. If you start winning on the practice account make sure you know why!

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IQ Option - download on the App Store & Get it on Google Play

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