Promo ideas for Thailand, Brazil, and the UAE

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Marketing guide to popular countries (geos)

To help IQ Option affiliates get the most out of their traffic from different countries, IQOption team prepared explainer cards for some of the top-converting countries they accept traffic from. Learn marketing tips for reaching the local audiences and boosting your payouts!

🇹🇭 THAILAND: Trust & Crypto

Thai, EnglishFacebook, Line, YouTube, Google, Pantip

The World Bank called Thailand “one of the great development success stories”, and rapid digitalisation powered by the “Thailand 4.0” program led to massive growth in online customers. This is what you can do to maximise your efforts in this market.

  • Create culturally-relevant content. Thai people find advertising and sales messages untrustworthy, so you need to establish a relationship with the target audience first. Team up with local social media influencers and use promo materials in Thai language.
  • Use Line. It’s the biggest messenger in the region.
  • Focus on low minimum deposit. Thai economy is in recession so people are looking for a broker with low barrier to entry.
  • Emphasize local banks. Thai people find local banks more trustworthy than international payment systems. Use the banks’ logos in your reviews to show that working with IQ Option is easy.

🇦🇪 The United Arab Emirates: Luxury & Tradition

Arabic, EnglishSnapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Wikipedia,, Yahoo, WhatsApp

The UAE attracts people across countries, demographics, and fields of work. It features the largest number of smartphone and internet users in the world, which makes it a great playground for digital marketers. However, the rules of the game are very different there.

  • Luxury, not deals. Customers from the UAE appreciate uniqueness and value, so instead of promoting tournaments or mentioning low initial deposits, tell them about IQ Option’s awards, expertise, and reputation.
  • Focus on Instagram. It’s the UAE’s #1 platform. 70% of local Instagrammers follow businesses, with 75% saying they take action after seeing a post.
  • Respect the tradition. That applies to Muslim customs and local laws. Make sure the information you provide is clear, respectful, and non-offensive.

🇧🇷 Brazil: Luxury & Influencers

Brazil is one of the largest ad markets in the world, and it leads the entire Latin America. Here’s what you need to keep in mind when advertising in Brazil.

Arabic, EnglishSnapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Wikipedia,, Yahoo, WhatsApp
  • Brazilian Portuguese. When localizing your web presence into Portuguese, note that the Brazilian variant differs from African and European ones. The good news is IQ Option broker promo materials are already translated into Brazilian Portuguese, specifically.
  • High-end and luxury. The average user from Brazil is fond of the trappings of a luxurious lifestyle. Images of people wearing expensive brands, watches, and driving sport cars tend to convert really well.
  • Promote crypto trading. Brazil ranks #7 in the global ranking in ownership of cryptocurrency.
  • Collaboration opportunities. Brazilian Instagram, YouTube and TikTok are overflowing with local influencers with huge audiences. The topics of trading, crypto, startups, and Esports are very popular. Collaboration with such influencers can drive the volume of your traffic to the Moon!
Promo ideas for Thailand, Brazil, and the UAE - Marketing guide to popular geos
Source: IQ Option newsletter

Next time, IQ Option team explore the marketing specifics and consumer culture of Dominican Republic, New Zealand, and Saudi Arabia.

Source: IQ Option newsletter

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