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Understanding Proprietary Trading:

At its core, proprietary trading is when a financial institution or a commercial bank opts to delve directly into the market to achieve potential profits, instead of earning through client-based commission fees. Often termed as “prop trading”, this strategy involves the said institutions aiming for direct market benefits instead of relying on the slim profits garnered from client transactions. The scope of proprietary trading can span various assets like stocks, commodities, bonds, currencies, and more.

Institutions like banks and financial firms that practice proprietary trading are often driven by the belief that their unique market insight or strategies grant them an edge. This confidence propels them to anticipate higher yearly returns, outpacing standard benchmarks such as index funds, bond appreciations, or other conventional investment methodologies.

SabioTrade – “Prop Trading” – Proprietary Trading

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What is SabioTrade?

SabioTrade is a unique Proprietary trading firm that seeks talented investors and traders to trade our capital. Take their money and trade, keep 80% of profit for yourself.

Thanks to SabioTrade proprietrary trading is available to every skilled trader.

Take SabioTrade money and trade, keep 80% of profit for yourself.

SabioTrade invite talented investors to work as their non-staff traders. Their funds, your skills – you risk nothing, they share the profit 80/20.

What is needed to get a funded account in SabioTrade?

Step 1. Buy evaluation account.

Profit Payout70%80%80%
Account balance$10,000$25,000$100,000
All Plans Include: Premium Education, Trading Signals$50
One-Time Fee
One-Time Fee
One-Time Fee
Source: SabioTrade

What is needed to get a funded account in Sabiotrade?

Step 2. Pass the assessment during 30 days period

What is needed to get a funded account in Sabiotrade?

Step 3. Once the assessment is passed, a user gets a funded account with real money

Sabiotrade Payouts

  • Sabiotrade pays a revenue share for each purchase – Competitors pay only for the first payment.
  • Payout: 15% for each payment (reminder – there are subsequent purchases)
    • $50 package – you earn $7.5
    • $125 package – you earn $18.75
    • $500 package – you earn $75

How to setup SabioTrade account?

Watch the interesting video below “How to setup SabioTrade account?“:

What you will get by opening SabioTrade account:

  1. 30:1 leverage – That’s more than you can get on any brokerage account. With our leverage, you’ll have up to $1 million for investments.
  2. Fast assessment – We ask candidates to undergo rapid training and comprehension check. The evaluation process takes no more than 2 days.
  3. Advanced tools – 100+ build-in indicators, widgets, and alerts. Free mobile app with trading signals.
  4. Free training – Access to a free 3-step educational course. It covers the basics of trading, fundamental and technical analysis.

Why should you try SabioTrade?:

  • No fine print
  • No hidden fees
  • Multilingual support
  • Multilingual support
  • Transparent statistics
  • Transparent statistics

SabioTrade Testing Offer (Free trial):

Test yourself with free trial:

  • 7 days to explore – Experience our cutting-edge platform for an entire week
  • Limitless features – Access all platform features to enhance your trading strategies.
  • One chance, one account – Seize this opportunity with a single Free Trial Account — make it count
  • $10,000 starting balance – A generous head-start
  • Assessment – Test your skills with the same conditions as our top traders.

Please note: Although the Free Trial Account doesn’t provide direct financial trading options, attempting the challenge primes you for an opportunity with SabioTrade assesment account.


What are the guidelines for the SabioTrade Prop-Trading Assesment account?

SabioTrade has set the following guidelines for its Proprietary Trading evaluation:

  • 3% Daily Loss (hard breach)
  • 6% Maximum Rolling Drop (hard breach)
  • Flatten on Fridays – every position must be closed by 3:45PM EST on Fridays (soft breach)
  • A trade should be initiated at least once in 30 days (hard breach).

These guidelines aim to evaluate your Risk Handling and Trade Techniques.

What distinguishes a Hard Breach from a Soft Breach?

Soft breach implies any trades breaching the rules will be terminated, but you’re allowed to continue trading on your Assesment or Funded portfolio.

Hard Breach is when you surpass the Daily Loss Boundary or the Maximum Rolling Drop. Any of these transgressions lead to a strict violation. Should you make such a violation, either your Assesment faild or your Funded account gets revoked.

How is the 3% Daily Loss Boundary determined?

The Daily Loss Boundary is deduced from the balance at the end of the previous day (5pm EST).

Illustration: If the balance at the end of a given day is $100,000, a drop in equity to $97,000 the following day signifies a breach of the 3% Daily Loss Boundary.

How do they determine the 6% Maximum Trailing Drawdown?

The Trailing Drawdown reflects the highest possible drop in your account before a hard breach takes place. On account initiation, this is fixed at 6% of your initial balance. The 6% then follows your concluded trade balance up to when you achieve 6% profit. Upon reaching this profit, the max roll-down gets fixed at the opening balance and no longer changes with your account.

For instance: Beginning with $100,000, a drop to $94,000 triggers the Maximum Trailing Drawdown rule. If, say, the account grows to a concluded balance of $103,000, this becomes your new peak balance, adjusting your Maximum Trailing Drawdown to $97,000. If the account again hits $103,000, your Maximum Trailing Drawdown fixes at the starting $100,000. Hence, irrespective of the account’s growth, a drop to $100,000 would breach the rule (keeping in mind you can still breach the Daily Loss Boundary). If the account climbs to $170,000, a daily drop of over 3% won’t breach the rule unless equity hits $100,000.

Is carrying positions into the weekend allowed?

At SabioTrade, positions need closure by 3:45pm EST on Fridays. Trades open post this timeframe will be shut automatically. Remember, this is a lenient violation, so you can resume trading when markets recommence. On SabioTrade’s platform, you can Day Trade or maintain open positions for days, but weekend holds aren’t permissible.

Is there a penalty for inactivity?

Indeed. Failing to make a trade within 30 days on your SabioTraderoom flags you as inactive, causing a breach. This results in access restriction to that SabioTraderoom. Nevertheless, your SabioDashboard still displays past trading stats and histories.


How long until I get my Assessment account?

Once you’ve made the purchase, your Assessment account will be set up and ready for trading in just a few minutes. After your purchase is finalized, expect to find login details for both SabioTraderoom and SabioDashboard in your email. Through the SabioDashboard, you can track your Assessment progress, initiate future payouts, and access our suite of Trading resources, Trading courses, and the Trading platform. Meanwhile, the SabioTraderoom is where you’ll manage your trades, implement your trading strategies, utilize our trading tools, and review your trading history among other tasks.

When will I receive my Funded account?

After successfully completing your Assessment and submitting your KYC documents, expect your account to be activated within a span of 24-48 business hours.

Is the account I get post-Assessment a demo or a live one?

On successfully clearing the SabioTrade Assessment, traders are given a live account that’s funded with real capital.

What regulations govern the SabioTrade Funded account?

The SabioTrade Funded account operates under the same set of guidelines as the SabioTrade Assessment account. The only difference being, with a Funded account, there’s no upper limit to the profits you can accrue.

What’s the protocol if I encounter a hard breach in my Funded account while still being in the green?

Should your Funded account experience a hard breach while you’re in profit, rest assured, you’ll still get your share of those profits.

For instance, with an account balance of $100,000, if you raise it to $110,000 and then face a hard breach leading to account closure, you would still be entitled to 80% (or $8,000) of the $10,000 profit.

How do I go about profit withdrawal?

Whenever you wish to initiate payouts, simply go to the Profit Share section on your SabioDashboard. This action will temporarily suspend your funded account to process the withdrawal and calculate our profit share. The withdrawn amount will be transferred to your bank account, and in about 24 hours, you’ll regain access to your funded account, enabling you to resume trading.

When is it possible to withdraw profits from my Funded account?

Profits from your Funded account can be withdrawn whenever you prefer. Alongside your withdrawal, our share of the profits will also be processed.

It’s crucial to remember: The moment you ask for a withdrawal, your maximum trailing drawdown reverts to the initial account balance.

Prop Trading vs Retail Trading

Example SabioTradeProp TradingRetail Trading
MoneyFirm money
from $10,000 to $100,000
Your own money
TimeImmediate start after assessmentSeveral months to several years
Profit80% for you, 20% for the companyYou keep 100% of the profit to yourself
RisksAll risks are covered by the companyAll risks are on you
Table: Prop Trading VS Retail Trading (Source: SabioTrade)

Advantages and Disadvantages of Prop Trading

Access to CapitalLack of regulation
Fewer operating costsBusiness risks
Trading using the firm’s capital and high leverageLack of trading flexibility
Easy to gain experience and knowledgeEmotional impact
Advantages and Disadvantages of Prop Trading (Source: SabioTrade)

Competitors of SabioTrade:

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3. SMART PROP Trader – official website: (The Smart Prop Trader Review)

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Scale up to €5M, and Keep up to 80% of the Profit. official page

5. THE FUNDED TRADER – official website: (The Funded Trader Review)

Website slogan:

The Funding Kingdom – Unlock up to $600k in demo accounts to earn virtual profit and hone your simulated trading skills official website


Can I utilize my own account for the Assessment or must I use one of yours?

For the purpose of accurate monitoring using our risk management software, which is synchronized with the accounts we establish, you need to employ the account we offer. This ensures we can track your accomplishments and potential rule infringements in real-time.

Which nations can participate?

Participants from all nations are welcome, except those on the OFAC list.

How can I oversee my SabioTrade account’s development?

After buying an Assessment or signing up for a Free Trial, you’ll gain entry to the SabioDashboard. Here, you can oversee the progression of both your Assessment and Funded accounts. Every time metrics are evaluated, roughly every 60 seconds, SabioDashboard is refreshed. You must be diligent in checking your breach thresholds.

Which Trading Platform should I utilize with SabioTrade?

We’ve amalgamated our risk management system with the QuadCode trading platform. Whether you’re on SabioTrade’s free trial, assessment, or funded accounts, you’ll operate on our exclusive QuadCode-enhanced trading platform, accessible directly from SabioDashboard. Everything essential for a smooth and fruitful trading journey is consolidated here.

Could you elaborate on the leverage?

The leverage SabioTrade Prop-Trading Firm extends fluctuates based on the asset. Certain assets can have a leverage as high as 1:100, or even 1:500. For instance, with currency pairs, in adherence to solid risk management principles, we offer a leverage up to 30:1. It’s worth mentioning that this leverage is automatically integrated into your trade for straightforwardness and ease.

When are the trading periods?

QuadCode, our broker, determines the trading hours. SabioTrade doesn’t dictate the precise trading schedules for QuadCode’s offerings.

Be aware that holidays might alter these trading durations.

Moreover, respecting our policy against holding trades over weekends, we conclude all active trades by 3:45pm EST every Friday.

Do Sabiotrade accounts impose any commissions?

Absolutely not.

Is trading permissible during news broadcasts?

Indeed, trading amidst news updates is allowed.

How is the charge displayed on my bill?

You’ll observe the charge listed as CODEVIL.

What is SabioTrade affiliate program?:

SabioTrader affiliate program is operated by AffStore program. It includes high-converting brokers, under one affiliate program. By partnering you can earn up to $2000 CPA and 80% Revshare with AffStore direct offers. Below you can find some tips about promoting SabioTrade PropTrading. It’s different than typical Retail Trading offer.

Conversion Rates and traffic type for SabioTrade:

  • Desktop traffic has higher conversion than mobile web traffic. There are no mobile applications.
  • The product is targeting experienced traders. The conversion will be higher on traffic related to trading and forex. With broad targeting conversion rates will be much lower.

CR from landing page – visit to payment:

  • On traffic related to prop trading and forex SabioTrade see 1-2% CR depending on targeting and volumes.
  • From non-related traffic we’re recording CR from 0,5%

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