How to customize IQOption user interface for a better trading experience?

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Customize IQ Option platform general settings and choose the features and notifications that best fit your trading style.

The IQ Option trading platform has plenty of functions. It is not constantly simple, for that reason, to pick the functions that most ideal fit your trading technique. By personalizing the user interface, you can get the most out of the platform. And, possibly, even enhance their trading final results. In today’s post, we will see in detail what the settings include and how to change them to your preference.

How to customize IQ Option platform?

How to customize trade room on IQ Option?

How to customize your IQ Option account?

By clicking on the “Settings” button, a menu with six tabs will open. Each of them covers a different aspect of your trading experience.

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General settings

This sheet deals with the user interface and how to represent information in the trader room. In the “General” tab you can set the time zone (very important aspect, especially when you follow the international news) and the preferred language.


Here you can likewise pick among the 4 offered colour palettes. It will suffice to pick the one you like absolute best given that this element does not impact the trading outcomes. Show/hide the world map at your leisure, this is likewise a simply aesthetic aspect. Some traders think that it makes the trading panel more vibrant, while others choose a cleaner user interface, without any background images. Utilizing this menu it is possible to resize the user interface, which is an extremely helpful function when trading on mobile devices with specific measurements.

Finally, in this tab you will find a series of boxes that correspond to the various ways of representing information on your operations and on the price action.

Trading settings

This card consists of several checkboxes. Some of them are activated by default. They are all of the key importance and they will all affect your trading results! Here you can adjust the way you want to buy options, Forex, cryptocurrency and CFD: with a single click or with a request for further confirmation. The same applies to the mode of opening a position. The options are also the same in this case: you can do it with a single click or with further confirmation. The last box in the section is the one that allows you to open more operations in the same tab or that provides for the opening in a new tab.

Keyboard shortcuts settings

This is not a tab of functions to pick, but a list of helpful shortcuts that you can make use of throughout trading. Like designers, who continuously utilize keyboard shortcuts when dealing with graphic software applications. This is the same practicality. In place of Photoshop, you have the IQ Option trading platform. As soon as remembered, shortcuts can make navigation within the application very quick and more user-friendly.

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Notifications settings

In this tab you can enable or disable two types of notifications:

  1. notifications that tell you the position in the ranking of your new positions during the current week.
  2. notifications about the imminent closure of your position
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Privacy settings

The Privacy tab permits you to conceal your private information from other traders. Here you can get a special name to utilize on the platform (in chats, in rankings, and so on) and hide/show your trades to traders.

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In this tab, you will find information on the current structure of the trading platform you are using, as well as the link to the “Terms of use”.

Now that you know how to customize the interface according to your needs and your trading style, you can go directly to the platform.

Source: IQOption

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