Trading possibilities on iPhone 6s and 6s plus and iPad pro.

The newest iPhones have arrived. They are available in the following countries now: Canada, Australia, France, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Germany, New Zealand, Singapore, Puerto Rico, US and UK.

The feature I like the most about the new iPhone is the live photos option. It is an excellent way to capture family memories.

But the most exciting feature for traders is “force touch”.  Software companies and brokers can use it in multiple ways. This can be a fantastic way to enhance the speed of trading. I believe that it’s a matter of time before it can be utilised.

What does this mean for traders? Could you share your opinion? Any ideas?

Trading on iPad pro.

The other good news to traders is the iPad. Just imagine what the new bigger surface means. And finally, there is the professional keyboard. It takes the iPad to another level. It’s not a laptop yet but it is a very convenient tool to use. With native applications, it can be a very productive and efficient trading tool.

Trading on ipad pro